covid-19 pandemic


Coronavirus continues to upset life in Alabama with an uptick in cases going into the holiday season. Local animal shelters are seeing more adoptions amid the pandemic with more people wanting furry friends, but there’s good and bad that comes with those higher rates.

APR took a trip to the Dog House. A chorus of barking greets anyone who pulls up to the live-in area that houses two volunteer workers with the Humane Society of West Alabama and a pack of dogs spaced out in individual kennels. It’s a special day because a furry friend could soon be on the way to her forever home.

With the pandemic, restaurant take out has become the norm, leading to a lot more trash. In this week's Living with Less Plastic commentary, Mary Liz Ingram offers 3 steps to reduce your plastic take out waste... 

In this week’s Keepin' It Real commentary, Cam Marston tells us that so much change in such a short amount of time is wearing him out. He’s struggling...       

Edited by Corey Carpenter