July 4th Celebration

Jul 4, 2020
BuzzFarmers [Flickr]

Keeping your pet safe during July 4th celebration might mean confining it indoors, keeping it calm when the fireworks begin - and making sure it always has some form of ID, such as a microchip, or tags on the collar,  so your best friend can find its way home.


Animatronic Cats

Jun 20, 2020
PreciousBytes [Flickr]

When I was a child, I had a stuffed toy dog I named "Fluffy" because he was soft and - well - fluffy.  I could hug him and feel comforted.   So I don't have any problem believing an animatronic cat might stimulate the memory and imagination of a dementia patient.


Rainy Day Dog Play

May 30, 2020
Eli Christman [Flickr]

Some dogs don't mind the rain, while others seem to really dislike going outside in wet weather.  But almost all dogs like to play.  Positive interaction between dog and human is good for everyone involved, and can reinforce the relationship between the two - even indoors when the weather is bad!


America's War Dogs

May 23, 2020
Glenn Beine [Facebook]

In June, 2011, MWD Bronco was on patrol with his handler,  Staff St. John Mariana, in Afghanistan when they encountered an enemy combatant.  Bronco was shot in his muzzle.  He and Mariana were medically evacuated and Bronco underwent life-saving surgery.  It was a career-ending injury, but Bronco was adopted by his handler, who credits the dog with saving his life - just one of many examples of military canine heroism!


bradleyolin [Flickr]

Being kind to animals is something that we (hopefully) learn from our parents, especially our mothers.  Spaying or neutering your pet ensures your furry buddy won't contribute to the pet overpopulation problem.  So to all the female dogs and cats, here's wishing you a Happy Un-Mother's Day!


Mindy Norton

Helping your pet keep its social distance from other animals (and people) may not be as difficult as you might think.  For example, it is possible to teach your cat to walk on a leash.  You need a lightweight leash and a cat harness (not a collar) - and patience!


Dmitry Teslya [Flickr]

A tiger is definitely not a house pet, but it shares many traits with its small domestic cousin, the house cat.  Unfortunately one thing they share is susceptibility to COVID-19.  But while they might catch it from humans, there is no evidence that a human can catch it from an infected cat.  


beltz6 (Glenn Beltz) [Flickr]

Your pet probably enjoys having you around more these days, but there may be times when boredom sets in.  And a bored pet can get into trouble.  Take time to play with your best friend.  It will be good for both of you, and help to strengthen the bond between you!


Spirit of Kindness

Apr 4, 2020
yornik [Flickr]

Ronald Reagan said, "We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone."  This is a time when each of us may have an opportunity to be kind to another person, to an animal, and maybe to organizations that help people or animals.  How can you show a spirit of kindness today?


Chance and Lily, Spy Cats [Flickr]

The mental health benefits of having a dog or cat include help with depression, stress, anxiety - not to mention the companionship they provide to ease our loneliness.  Sounds like just the right prescription for a time such as this!


Poison Prevention Week

Mar 21, 2020
Mindy Norton

A pet is naturally curious, and explores the world with its nose and sometimes its mouth.  Poison-proofing helps to keep your best friend safe and healthy.  Store medications securely, use only non-toxic houseplants, and choose cleaners and chemicals for use around the house that won't harm your furry buddy.


Bryan Alexander [Flickr]

In addition to preparing for your pet's care if you and your furry buddy are quarrantined together, also consider what might happen if you just can't get home.  Let your neighbors know your pet might need some care, or have a trusted friend who will make sure your four-footed companion is taken care of.  


JTD121 (Josh Dionne) [Flickr]

You may have heard that dogs and cats commonly have coronaviruses, and you are wondering if it's safe to keep your family pet.  The answer is that your dog or cat poses no risk to you, or your family or your friends.  However, it is more important than ever to keep your pet healthy!


Mount Vernon [Facebook]

Many of those who have led our country from the highest office through good times and also difficult ones have had great support from some furry sources.  Presidential pets have often been in the news, but it all began with our very first president!


Siba Wins Westminster

Feb 15, 2020
Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show [Facebook]

Just a dog?  Well, this one is the reigning queen of the canine world as she just walked off with Best in Show, the top prize at the 2020 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.  Her highly stylized coat - which her handler says takes six hours of grooming - has been compared to a topiary, but at three years old this Standard Poodle reigns supreme!


Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show [Facebook]

In 1877, a group of sporting men in New York decided they should hold a dog show in Manhattan.  They named their group after their favorite bar, the Westminster.  When the club staged its first dog show, the light bulb had not yet been invented, or the automobile.  In fact, Westminster Kennel Club is even older than the American Kennel Club!


Super Bowl Pet Safety

Feb 1, 2020
ShebleyCL (Cindy Shebley) [Flickr]

Even on Super Bowl Sunday, pet safety should still be a priority, but your four-legged friend may want to be part of the festivities.  The ASPCA suggests that you can put pet snacks in a special bowl so your guests have a good treat to give your furry buddy.  That way, everybody gets to be part of the fun!


Officer K9 Jet

Jan 25, 2020
K9 Jet [Facebook]

A two-year-old Pit Bull mix was rescued from an animal shelter and trained to be a detection dog.   After becoming an officer in the New Haven, Missouri Police Department, he did some public service work like visiting schools, senior centers and community events.  Then, just seven months after joining the force, he showed his real worth as a police officer when he made a big drug bust.  Way to go, K9 Jet!



Cold weather poses at least as many risks to our furry friends as hot weather does.  For example, you wouldn't leave your pet alone in a car in the summer heat, but in the winter that car can become a refrigerator.  It's not a safe place for any animal, especially your pet.


Eric Sonstroem [Flickr]

You can find a lot of dog training resources online.  Or look for a local trainer who will offer personalized help, or classes in your community where you can go with your canine buddy to learn in a group environment.  Helping your furry friend understand how to please you will benefit both of you!


Animals at the Manger

Dec 21, 2019

From the beginning, the Christmas celebration is for all members of the family, whether they are human or not - just like the first Christmas!


When telling someone about their family, many pet owners include their furry friend.  So it's not surprising that as pet owners shop for Christmas gifts, they are also looking for something to give their four-footed family member.


Stressed Out Pets

Dec 7, 2019
Lihoman... [Flickr]

A stressed out pet may have a decrease in appetite, isolate itself, or even  show aggression towards people and other pets.  Reducing stress factors for your pet will make for a happier companion, and probably a happier owner.


Sadie_Girl [Flickr]

While we humans enjoy the holiday festivities, Christmas can be a dangerous time for our pets.  All the bright colors and twinkling lights are fun for us, but they also capture the attention of our four-footed family members.  It has been said that one-third of pet owners will experience an emergency during the Christmas season.  Take precautions now to keep your best friend safe during this festive time.


A dog's muzzle often turns gray as it ages, but in cats it is difficult to distinguish an older animal.  Even so, as a pet ages, its needs change - as your furry friend's owner it's up to you to make sure your companion gets the best possible care to enjoy its senior years.


Skip Baumhower

A good portrait of a homeless pet waiting for adoption helps potential adopters really see that animal and feel a connection - the first step to a relationship with a new member of the family.  The secret to a great pet portrait, according to Skip Baumhower, is to get down on the animal's eye level, or raise the pet up, so that you get a straight-on view.  My dogs are long gone,  but I am grateful to have a wonderful picture that shows their sweet faces and their personalities.


Luke.Ma [Flickr]

Settling in for a good night's sleep with your four-footed buddy can actually be good for you.  Many owners find comfort, warmth, and relief from stress or anxiety having that cozy feeling of a warm fuzzy body snuggled up next to them.   


American Humane Association [Facebook]

The  2019 winner of the American Humane Association's Hero Dog Award shows the power of a service dog to change a boy's life.  Because of his specially-trained dog, Alice, Antonio is able to enjoy life much like any other teenager.  No wonder he calls her his "guardian angel"!



Oct 19, 2019
KOMUnews [Flickr]

Adopting a dog from a shelter is good for the dog, but it's also good for you.  Dogs are social animals that will keep you company, even if you're just watching TV, reading a book or checking your email.  They help relieve stress and lower your risk of heart problems.  And they offer unconditional love.  It's one of the best things you can do for yourself - and your new best friend!


Bahamas Miracle

Oct 12, 2019
Big Dog Ranch Rescue [Facebook]

The rescue of a young, emaciated dog, found in the rubble more than three weeks after Hurricane Dorian ravaged the Bahamas, is a heart-warming story.  In fact, it's a Miracle - that's the name his rescuers gave to this special survivor.