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Taking your pet out for a walk is good for both of you.  You get a little exercise, your best friend enjoys a change of scenery, and you share a good time with your furry companion.  Part of being a responsible pet owner is doing things together!


Cold Weather and Pets

Jan 19, 2019
anneheathen [Flickr]

Watching the weather forecast helps us to plan our activities.  It can also help us keep our best friends safe from the dangers of winter weather.

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Pets, especially cats, often like to find places to snuggle down, away from the hustle and bustle.  I once had a cat that disappeared for a while.  I finally found her in a dresser drawer that had been left open, then pushed closed.  She was sleeping on a pair of jeans in a very tight space!


Lisa Zins [Flickr]

A happy, healthy pet requires care and attention from you - and that includes play time.  It's good exercise for your furry buddy, and a great bonding time for you and your best friend!


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Many of the things we love about celebrating the New Year, like parties and fireworks, are not good for our pets and can actually harm or frighten them.  Keep your best friend safe on New Year's Eve so you both can enjoy the coming year together!


Animals at the Manger

Dec 22, 2018
Ferlinka Borzoi (Deb West) [Flickr]

Several years ago, visitors to a church nativity scene found a stray puppy curled up in the manger.  Was it just a coincidence that this "shepherd" was guarding the baby Jesus?  The pup was later adopted but the photograph is still shared around the world, reminding us of the kinship between people and pets.


Orin Zebest [Flickr]

It may be sad to think about a pet spending Christmas in a cage at an animal shelter ; but it is heart-breaking to think about a pet being returned to a shelter after Christmas, just when it thought it would have a home.  It is true - "A dog [or any pet] is for life, not just for Christmas."


Stressed Out Pets

Dec 8, 2018
toritoons (Tori Behr) [Flickr]

During the holidays, a pet owner may forget that changes in routine and activities can make your furry companion anxious and uneasy, which could leave both of you feeling, well, less than festive.   Giving your pet a little extra time and attention may help ease the stress for you and your best friend.


Hanukkah and Pets

Dec 1, 2018
Scazon [Flickr]

You may notice there is no pet in this picture of the Menorrah.  Our furry friends should not be near lit candles or open flames.  Keeping your pet safe during Hanukkah will help to ensure that all family members enjoy the holiday, including the four-footed ones.


Christmas Decorations

Nov 24, 2018
bigpresh (David Precious) [Flickr]

Pets like to be at the center of all the family activities, but at Christmas time, there are dangers lurking amidst the fun and decorations!


Beverly & Pack [Flickr]

Some people may have a negative attitude toward animal shelters, but for homeless dogs and cats a shelter may be their only refuge from hunger, fear and unforgiving elements.  If you have the chance, say "thank you" to a shelter worker for caring about these often forgotten animals.


Grey Muzzle Organization [Facebook]

In my personal experience, I have enjoyed the companionship of an elderly dog who lived to be age 19, and a senior cat who lived to be over 20.  I know just how special older pets can be.  The Facebook page banner for  the Grey Muzzle Organization says, "Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog."  Find out for yourself.  Adopt a senior pet this month!


Chi Chi Rescue Dog [Facebook]

Chi Chi, found in a trash bag in a dumpster, is the 2018 Hero Dog of the Year!  The competition included more than 260 brave dogs nominated for the award.  Over a million votes were cast in favor of this brave canine hero who has overcome so much in her young life and still has such a great attitude!

Chew Toy Dangers

Oct 20, 2018

Most dogs like to chew on things, so we offer a substitute to our shoes and furniture by giving them doggie chew toys.  But find the right alternative that protects your belongings and also is safe for your best friend.  The  nylon chew bone pictured here caused digestive problems for my friend's sweet little dog.


Adopt a Dog Month

Oct 6, 2018
DodgersMom Photography [Flickr]

Adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue group saves that animal's life and changes yours for the better in ways you cannot imagine.  And it will make a space in the shelter to give another dog a chance to find a home!


Tobias Klüpfel [Flickr]

Sure it feels good to scratch an itch, but in a pet it could be a sign of a flea problem.  While it's important to keep your pet healthy (and that includes keeping fleas and ticks away), consult with your veterinarian about the best and safest products to use on and around your furry friend.


World Rabies Day

Sep 22, 2018

Rabies is prevented, by vaccinating animals that come in contact with humans.  If it's been a while since your pet was vaccinated  make an appointment with your veterinarian this week.   


CaseyFay (Casey Robbins) [Flickr]

You can put together an emergency kit for your pet in a hurry.  Most of what you need will fit in a plastic zip bag.  Food and necessary medications are at the top of the list.  And - some folks might pack their best friend's rain gear!


Labor Day Pet Safety

Sep 1, 2018
georgiaolive [Flickr]

Keeping your pet happy, healthy and safe should always be part of your holiday plans, and Labor Day is no exception.    The idea is to enjoy sharing the celebration with your best friend, not rushing your furry buddy to the emergency vet clinic!

American Humane Association

The 2018 Hero Dog Awards seek to find and recognize dogs who help people in many important ways. Dogs are nominated in one of seven categories: Service Dogs, Emerging Hero Dogs, Law Enforcement/Arson Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Military Dogs, Guide/Hearing Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs.

The Emerging Hero category honors the partnership that often develops between human and dog. Some of these animals are trained in such areas as detection of diseases such as cancer; others are just pets who, without any special training, instinctively assist their human companions, and some are overcomers who have triumphed over adversity in an extraordinary way.      


American Humane Association

The 2018 Hero Dog Awards seek to find and recognize dogs who help people in many important ways. Dogs are nominated in one of seven categories: Service Dogs, Emerging Hero Dogs, Law Enforcement/ Arson Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Military Dogs, Guide/Hearing Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs.

A Guide Dog is trained to lead, follow commands, ignore distractions, and even disobey a command that would put its human partner in danger. The human also must be trained on how to handle the dog and how to be a good leader of the team. A Hearing Dog is specially trained to alert its deaf owner to sounds we all take for granted. Unlike a Guide Dog that must be of a certain body size in order to lead a person, a Hearing Dog can be large or small, pure-bred or mixed breed. Many are shelter animals who are determined to have the intelligence and temperament to serve as a Hearing Dog. It is a perfect blending of needs - deaf individuals have the opportunity to live an independent life, and dogs who may literally die for lack of homes are given a purpose and owners that will love and care for them. Guide dogs and hearing dogs are living examples of the trust bond between human and animal.

In the world of Search and Rescue operations, dogs have a very special place.  Their keen sense of smell, excellent night vision, extremely sensitive hearing and endurance have made them crucial in efforts to locate people or animals who are missing or trapped.  They truly are life savers!


American Humane Association

The 2018 Hero Dog Awards seek to find and recognize dogs who help people in many important ways.  Dogs are nominated in one of seven categories:  Service Dogs, Emerging Hero Dogs, Law Enforcement/Arson Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Military Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, Guide/Hearing Dogs. 

Interacting with an animal can be very theraputic for humans. While other animals can be great therapy animals, dogs really excel in helping humans who are going through a difficult or troubling time. A certified Therapy Dog can make a significant contribution to many treatment programs.

Dogs began helping our military forces as early as World War I, but it wasn't until World War II that the Army established its first K-9 Corps. They serve as scouts, detection specialists for explosives, and assist on guard duty to protect US service men and women around the world. Nowadays, dogs have their own military service records and can be awarded commendations for outstanding service. It is not possible to count the number of lives military dogs have saved, sometimes at the extreme cost of their own. The Military Dog category seeks to recognize the dedication and valor of these extraordinary animals.


lizasperling [Flickr]

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration  is investigating a possible link between incidents of canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs and extended consumption of "grain-free" dog food, after several reports from veterinarians.  


Chaining a Dog

Jul 21, 2018
fvfavo (Mario Micklisch) [Flickr]

Not only is chaining (or tethering) considered inhumane and unsafe for animals, it is illegal in more than 20 states and the District of Columbia.

Pet Fire Safety

Jul 14, 2018
Dan4th (Dan4th Nicholas) [Flickr]

One of the best ways to keep your pet safe is to keep your home safe.  And often, one of the best ways to keep your home safe may be to keep your pet from dangerous situations that could cause a fire!


anneheathen [Flickr]

Being outside on a sunny summer day may seem like a great idea, but hot humid weather can be dangerous for our furry friends.  Your four-legged companion depends on you to keep it safe and healthy in the sweltering summer heat.


Pet Sitters International [Facebook]

Take Your Dog To Work Day is always celebrated on the Friday after Father's Day.  It tops off  Take Your Pet To Work Week, all created and supported by Pet Sitters International to celebrate dogs as great companions and encourage adoptions of homeless pets.


Pet Left in Hot Car

Jun 9, 2018
Greg Walters [Flickr]

A happy dog sitting in a car, hoping to go for a ride - what is wrong with this picture?  Nothing really, if the human makes sure the pet can ride safely, and does not leave the animal alone in the car, even for a few minutes.  


NOAA Photo Library [Flickr]

A military or war dog can be a soldier's greatest asset and the enemy's worst nightmare.  They are loyal, intelligent,  and they have an average accuracy rate of 98% in sniffing out bombs, gas, drugs and enemy forces.   It's no wonder that most of them are adopted by former handlers when they retire!


Pet Moms

May 12, 2018
Jack-JackT [Flickr}

Hugging a pet may not do much for the animal, but it sure can bring the human a great feeling of companionship and comfort.  If you have a pet that likes to be hugged, you have a special friend!