Cai Unger and Ariel Chavez are immigrants from completely different parts of the globe – Germany and Bolivia. They met and fell in love in Mobile, Alabama. In this StoryCorps piece, the happily married husbands talk about their wedding day and their hopes for the future...

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Alabama: Jesse Owens' starting block

Feb 18, 2016

The movie “Race” debuts in theaters today across the United States.  The biopic depicts legendary Track and Field athlete Jesse Owens and his journey to winning four gold medals in the 1936 Olympic Games in Nazi Germany.  APR’s MacKenzie Bates traveled to Owens’s hometown in Northern Alabama, where a park and museum keeps his memory alive

When you talk about the Olympics, names like swimmers Michael Phelps and Mark Spitz or gymnast Gabby Douglas may come to mind. But in 1936, Alabama Native Jesse Owens staked his claim as one of the greatest Olympians in American history.

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 ***Update:  Germany defeated Argentina 1-0 in Sunday's World Cup final with a late goal in extra time***

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Germany and the United States are meeting in the World Cup, and an Alabama-based group is making the most of it.

The AlabamaGermany Partnership is holding a game-watching party in Birmingham on Thursday.

The organization promotes better relations and trade between the two countries. There's a strong German influence in Huntsville because of the space industry, and the German auto company Mercedes-Benz has a plant in Tuscaloosa County.

On Wednesday, investors paid Germany to hold on to their money for a couple years.

That's right: Germany got to borrow more than 4 billion euros (about $5 billion), and instead of Germany paying interest to its lenders, the lenders are paying Germany. This a lot like Citibank paying you a smidgen to carry a balance on your credit card or to take out a loan (without also charging you interest).