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Ivey: Biden request will not change mask mandate end

Mar 30, 2021
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Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey is maintaining that the statewide mask mandate end April 9, despite President Joe Biden's request it be extended.

On Monday Biden asked that mask requirements and other restrictions to be upheld out of precaution of a "fourth surge" of COVID-19. 

An Ivey spokeswoman said the state is moving toward personal responsibility over government mandates.

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Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey is urging people to wear masks in public after the statewide mask mandate expires next month.

On the 22, Ivey said masks remain one of the most important tools for fighting COVID-19.

Her office also released sign designs for businesses to use to request patrons to wear masks.

COVID-19 vaccination eligibility was also expanded in Alabama on the 22.

The expansion adds more than 2 million people to the groups who can get a COVID-19 vaccination in the state.

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Birmingham plans on keeping its mask requirement even after the state mandate expires on April 9.

The Birmingham City Council president William Parker said city officials will push to keep the requirement for face masks in public places after talking with medical experts.

A vote on a city mask ordinance will likely take place on April 6.

State Health Officer: Please wear masks after April 9

Mar 8, 2021
Dr. Scott Harris


With and end date to the governor's mask mandate in place, officials are recommending that Alabamians continue wearing masks even after the deadline.

State Health Officer Scott Harris said people should keep taking precautions after April 9 when the mandate ends. 

Gov. Kay Ivey announced last Thursday that she would not extend the order after it expires.

Harris said he hopes that on April 10 as many people will be wearing masks as the day before.


Gov. Kay Ivey is extending her Safer at Home order. Alabamians will still have to wear their masks until April 9. Ivey said while she is extending the mask order, this will be the last time. 

“After April the 9th, I will not keep the mask order in effect," she said in a press conference. "There is no question that wearing masks has been one of our greatest tools in combating the spread of the virus. That, along with good hygiene and social distancing has helped more people from getting sick, or worse, dying.” 

Health expert: Too soon to ease Alabama mask mandate

Mar 3, 2021


With the state's mask mandate set to expire on Friday, health officials are voicing their support for an extension.

Dr. Sarah Nafziger at the University of Alabama at Birmingham said in a news briefing Wednesday that she favors extending the mandate. She said easing restrictions before more people are vaccinated could reverse the trend of improving COVID-19 case numbers.

Gov. Kay Ivey has not announced her plans for expiration or extension of the order after other Republican-led states have started to ease restrictions.

Hospital group supports mask order extension in Alabama

Mar 2, 2021
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Alabama's face mask order is once again set to expire, but hospitals throughout the state are hoping for an extension until more people become vaccinated against COVID-19.

Gov. Kay Ivey is set to announce later this week whether or not she will extend the mask mandate that is scheduled to end Friday.

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Alabamians will be in masks for a while longer.

Gov. Kay Ivey has extended her “Safer at Home” order until March 5. This means masks are required in public when interacting within 6 feet of other people. Ivey made the announcement with Alabama’s State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris. 

Ivey said the pandemic is filling up hospitals. Last week, she said ICU beds were hard to come by.

Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging Alabama mask mandate

Dec 16, 2020

A lawsuit challenging Alabama's mask mandate has been thrown out by a federal judge. 

U.S. District Judge Keith Watkins of Montgomery called the suit a "shotgun pleading" that makes accusations without organization or legitimate legal claims. Watkins also refused a request to block the mask rule in October.

Former chief justice Roy Moore filed the lawsuit on behalf of Alabama residents against Gov. Kay Ivey and the state health officer claiming the mask mandate is unconstitutional.

Watkins allowed three weeks for a replacement lawsuit.

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Gov. Kay Ivey has extended Alabama's mask and "safer at home" orders through to Jan. 22, 2021.

Ivey made the announcement as just two days before both orders were set to expire. 

Alabama's COVID-19 cases continue to rise after the Thanksgiving holiday.


The Alabama statewide mask mandate is set to expire next Friday and health officials are asking leaders to extend it.

Dr. Sarah Nafziger of the University of Alabama at Birmingham said it's "critically important" for Gov. Kay Ivey to maintain the requirement. The head of the Alabama Hospital Association said the organization would support the extension of the mandate into January of next year.

As of Friday, Alabama has 264199 cases of COVID-19.



MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey will announce the fate of a statewide mask mandate. Her office has scheduled a Thursday morning news conference at the Capitol.

The statewide mask order is set to expire Sunday. Ivey first announced the statewide mask mandate in July and has extended it serval times.

Alabama’s death toll from the coronavirus pandemic topped 3,000 this week as both cases of COVID-19 and hospitalizations continued rising.