OSHA: Second Injured Pipeline Worker Dead

Dec 7, 2016
pipeline explosion
Alabama EMA

Officials with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration say a second worker who was injured in the Colonial Pipeline explosion in late October has died.

OSHA says the worker died on Nov. 22 from injuries received during the explosion in Shelby County.

The federal agency says the worker's employer, Heflin-based L.E. Bell Construction, did contact OSHA to inform the administration of the death.

OSHA did not identify the worker.

Colonial officials say eight people on the nine-member crew that was working on the pipeline were employees of L.E Bell.

Colonial Restarts Gas Pipeline

Nov 7, 2016
pipeline explosion
Brynn Anderson / AP

The company that owns the gasoline pipeline that exploded and erupted into flames last week says the line is back in service.

Colonial Pipeline executives say service was restarted at around 5:45 yesterday morning. The pipeline transports gasoline from the Gulf Coast to New York City.

The line exploded last Monday at a site about 25 miles southwest of Birmingham while a crew was making repairs related to a leak in September that spilled over three hundred thousand gallons of gasoline.

One Killed, 6 Injured in Pipeline Explosion

Nov 1, 2016
pipeline explosion
Alabama EMA

One worker has been killed and six more were injured after a gasoline pipeline exploded yesterday afternoon near Helena, Alabama.

The explosion occurred near the site of a leak found last month that spilled at least 300,000 gallons of gasoline. Pipeline operator Colonial says a contract crew working on the pipeline “experienced an incident” when the trackhoe they were using hit the line.

Colonial Restores Service to Alabama Pipeline

Sep 22, 2016
Gasoline Spill
Brynn Anderson / Associated Press

Colonial Pipeline has restored service to a gasoline pipeline in Alabama that was shut down after a major leak, causing gas shortages and rising fuel prices across the South.

Colonial officials released a statement saying the pipeline had reopened as of last night. The leak was discovered September 9 near Helena, Alabama, when state workers noticed a very strong gasoline odor at a man-made retention pond.