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Tuscaloosa, AL – With the presidential election quickly approaching, Alabama Public Radio was curious of student opinion about the accessibility of voting. Voting accessibility seems to be an issue for young voters. Chelsea Banks reports.

Tuscaloosa, AL – Alabama Public Radio has produced several reports about young and first time voters in the 2008 election. Reporter Erin Williams tracked down several students at the University of Alabama to find out what they've been thinking about.

Tuscaloosa, AL – Historically, Christianity has played an important role in Southern social and political life. However, this emphasis can overshadow the contributions of other religious communities. Reporter Hannah Dame reports.

Tuscaloosa, AL – There's no doubt that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin energized the Republican Party when she was chosen as John McCain's running mate. If the GOP wins next week, she would become the first female vice president in U-S history. Reporter Rett Hawk recently asked some young women about their thoughts on Palin's pick.

Tuscaloosa, AL – The Internet isn't just for the kids anymore. As Alabama Public Radio's Jordan Culberson explains, this election has seen the Internet become a powerful news source that can make or break political campaigns.

Tuscaloosa, AL – Hope for change. That's been the message Senator Barack Obama has been preaching since his campaign for the presidency began. Despite an overwhelming Republican presence in the state of Alabama, Obama supporters still carry on their struggle for voters. Alabama Public Radio's Daniel Cherry tells us more about the battle for Alabama.

Tuscaloosa, AL – The 2008 presidential election has given rise to some heated feelings and discussions. Alabama Public Radio's Martha Jean Schindler visited the Ferguson Center at the University of Alabama to ask students how they felt about the negativity surrounding this election.

Tuscaloosa, AL – With African American voter turnout expected to be at record numbers for this presidential election, the question of how much black voter turnout will impact the election looms large. Alabama Public Radio's Alisa Beckwith-Ayilliath decided to visit African American barbershops to find out from voters how big of a role Barack Obama's race plays in getting blacks to the polls.

Tuscaloosa AL – Alabama Public Radio is taking you to the state's seven Congressional Districts to hear the issues important to some of Alabama's voters. Next, our tour visits District Three, which includes counties in east central Alabama. Some residents are concerned about their local economies ...

Tuscaloosa AL – APR News presents a series of reports focusing on voters in Alabama's seven Congressional Districts. We're exploring issues important to voters this election season, and some of the motivations shaping their decisions on November 4th. Let's visit District Two, which includes counties in Southeast Alabama ...

Hear this series the week of 10/27 at 7:35am and 4:44pm on Alabama Public Radio.

Tuscaloosa AL – APR News presents a series of reports focusing on voters in Alabama's seven Congressional Districts. We'll hear what voters are thinking about this election season, and some of the motivations shaping their decisions on November 4th. We start in District One, which includes Alabama's coastal counties ...

Tuscaloosa AL – Previously Alabama Public Radio aired a story focusing on the District 2 Race in Alabama. For that story Jay Love, the Republican candidate, was unavailable and the story aired without his involvement. On the issue of fairness, Ryan Vasquez had the chance to talk to Jay Love and we've made this available here.

Tuscaloosa, AL – The Alabama Secretary of State has seen a tenfold increase in voter registration for this year's presidential election compared to the past. Political scientists attribute part of the increase to the historic candidacy of Barack Obama. But not all Democrats are looking for a downticket bump from Obama's candidacy. Ryan Vasquez takes a look at party labels and there place in the 2nd Congressional District Race.

Tuscaloosa, Al – Polling sites across the state are expecting record numbers of voters on November 4th. Reporter Alisa Beckwith-Ayilliath, recently spoke with Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman to find out how voters can prepare for their trip to the polls.

Tuscaloosa, Al – Around the world, people are keeping an eye on America's upcoming presidential election. Recently, reporter Alisa Beckwith-Ayilliath spoke with several people from other countries to find out how the American electoral process is being viewed aboad and what they feel are the key issues our nation needs to address.

Tuscaloosa AL – This election season, we've been talking with voters about their thoughts on the candidates and the issues. In this installment, we'll hear who some voters are leaning towards and why.

Tuscaloosa AL – This election season, we've been talking with voters about their thoughts on the candidates and the issues. In this installment, we'll hear what some voters feel is most important to them ...

Nashville, TN – Not long after her conversation with Ryan Vasquez, APR's Alisa Beckwith-Aylliath hit the streets of the Music City. She probed the minds of undecided voters to find out what they think of the candidates.

Nashville, TN – APR News reporter Alisa Beckwith-Ayilliath spoke with Ryan Vasquez just a couple of hours before Tuesday night's (10/7) presidential debate between Senators John McCain and Barack Obama. Alisa was reporting from Belmont University in Nashville.

Tuscaloosa, AL – University of Alabama College Republicans president Mason Dyess and College Democrats president Trent Thompson talk to APR's Brandon Hollingsworth about what they're looking for as Joe Biden and Sarah Palin debate Thursday night in St. Louis.

Tuscaloosa, AL – Alabama Public Radio has been hitting the proverbial pavement, asking Alabamians what they're thinking about the upcoming presidential election.

But we asked Alabama Public Radio's Alisa Beckwith-Ayilliath to do something much closer to home.

Tuscaloosa, Al – As the presidential election draws closer, millions of Americans living abroad are taking the steps to exercise their right to vote. Recently, APR reporter Alisa Beckwith Ayilliath spoke with some expatriates living in India to find out what political issues are most important to them.

Tuscaloosa, AL – Voters in Alabama want to hear more about the issues and less about race.

"I'm hearing less about what [the candidates] stand for and more about he's black, he's white, she's female, he's male. That needs to stay out of it. I want to hear about the issues at hand," said Brian, a voter from McCalla, Alabama.

To hear what voters want to hear more about from John McCain and Barack Obama, click on "Listen."

Tuscaloosa, AL – Voters recently interviewed in Tuscaloosa, Alabama said they wanted to hear less about the personal family matters of the presidential candidates, and more about major issues of concern.

"We've gotten so far away from an issues-based campaign that we're discussing things that have no bearing whatsoever on how well a person will lead," said Brooke, a voter from Tennessee.

To hear what voters want to hear less about from John McCain and Barack Obama, click on "Listen."

Tuscaloosa AL – We've heard from potential voters about what they want the presidential candidates to talk more about. Today, we'll hear two of the major differences in what John McCain and Barack Obama have planned for education. Alabama Public Radio's Brett Tannehill files this report, which starts with Sarah - one of the people we met in our previous segment (Voters Want More 1) ...

St. Paul, MN – Alabama delegates say they are headed home from the national convention feeling a bit more confident with the Republican ticket than when they left. Sara Sciammacco reports from Saint Paul.

St. Paul, MN – This week Capitol News Connection has been checking in with Alabama delegates at the Republican National Convention in St Paul. Reporter Matt Laslo sends this first-person audio postcard from the convention floor.

Denver, CO – Some Alabama delegation members wrestle with their first experience at the Democratic National Convention. Others are hip to the scene. But they are all here backing one man -- Barack Obama. Elizabeth Wynne Johnson reports from Denver.