puppy mills

Mindy Norton

Many of the New Year's resolutions we make for ourselves could also apply to our pets - eat healthier, get more exercise, regular medical checkup and shots.  But this year my resolutions are for better treatment and concern for all pets!


Puppy Mills

Apr 6, 2019
pocketwiley (Torrey Wiley) [Flickr]

If you see cute puppies in a pet store, there is a possibility they came from a puppy mill.  So they may not be healthy - and you could get sick if they carry one of the viruses common in puppy mill animals, a virus identified by the CDC as resistant to antibiotics.  So don't shop - adopt!


New Year's Wishes

Jan 3, 2015
abcrumley [Flickr]

Current statistics indicate only 2 or 3  of the kittens in the picture will be adopted - the others will be euthanized because there are not enough homes.   The answer is not more more homes, but fewer kittens (and puppies) born into a society where there are just too many already!