Sean of the South

“Will the Circle be Unbroken?”


“Will the Circle be Unbroken?” 

Author: Sean “Sean of the South” Dietrich  

Publisher: Zondervan Books 

Pages: 256 

Price: $24.99 (Hardcover)  

Sean Dietrich has become truly famous for his blog posts which are eagerly, ritualistically, almost addictively, read by tens of thousands of people every morning. 

“Whistling Dixie”

Author: Sean Dietrich (“Sean of the South”)  

Publisher: Amazon

Pages: 198

Price: $12.99 (paper)

I learned in March that a featured speaker at the Alabama Writers Symposium in Monroeville in April would be the writer who calls himself “Sean of the South.”

This annual gathering is to celebrate Southern, especially Alabama literature, about which it is thought I know something.

I had never heard of Sean Dietrich and here he was, a headliner.