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Small businesses in Alabama are looking to get an economic boost from holiday cheer. COVID-19 is changing the holiday shopping experience at a time when mom-and-pop shops are on a thin lifeline from the pandemic.

Pie Town, Alabama

Oct 25, 2019

GREENSBORO, AL. -- One small business in Greensboro is celebrating 10 years of being a staple of the community.

Pie Lab first opened in 2009 as a non-profit pop-up shop by a design collective out of Maine. It was run by the Hale Empowerment Revitalization, a local non-profit. 

In 2013 Seaborn Whatley and his wife Kelley took over and have turned it into a small business with a big impact. Seaborn is a classically trained chef and graduate of the Cullinary Institure. He's from Havana, about 15 miles north of Greensboro.

Ryan Vasquez

Robert Robinson owns Sundries and Specialties. It’s a brand new business, and he wants a brand new website to go with it.

“Well the front page I wanted to show various items like what we may sell,” Robinson says.  “Our store being sundries and specialties we may sell sundries, which is various items and then we specialize in jewelry or certain antiques. So I want the picture to represent that situation and describe some stuff about or business.”