Thomas Nelson Pubs.

“When Stars Rain Down”


“When Stars Rain Down” 

Author: Angela Jackson-Brown 

Publisher: Thomas Nelson 

Pages: 358 

Price: $17.00 (Paper) 

1930s Small-Town South Setting for Dramatic Novel 

The Summer House


“The Summer House” 

Author: Lauren K. Denton 

Publisher: Thomas Nelson 

Pages: 368 

Price: $26.99 (Hardcover) 

Only a few months ago Lauren Denton published her third novel, “Glory Road,” and now we have her newest, “The Summer House,” released in June as a summer read. 

“Hurricane Season”

Author: Lauren K. Denton   

Publisher: Thomas Nelson, Pubs.

Pages: 400

Price: $15.99 (Softcover)

Lauren K. Denton published her debut novel, “The Hideaway,” only last year, in 2017. “Hideaway” tells the story of Sara Jenkins, a woman enjoying her life in New Orleans running a successful antique shop. Her grandmother dies and leaves her, in the will, The Hideaway, a B & B in Sweet Bay, Alabama.