U.S. Representative Mo Brooks

House members censure Rep. Brooks for rally speech

Jan 12, 2021
http://brooks.house.gov/about-me / Wikimedia Commons

Rep. Mo Brooks is facing a possible censure after giving a speech that preceded an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. 

Democratic representatives Tom Malinowski from New Jersey and Debbie Wasserman from Florida introduced the censure resolution that states that Brook's comments, "encouraged and incited violence against his fellow members of Congress as part of an assault on the United States Capitol."

Brooks: No apology for remarks ahead of riot

Jan 11, 2021
Mo Brooks


Rep. Mo Brooks from Huntsville said that his remarks before rioters overtook the U.S. Capitol last week were not related to the violence that took place.

Speaking at a pro-Trump rally near the White House last Wednesday, Brooks ended his speech saying, "Today is the day American patriots start taking down names and kicking ass." On Friday he said in an interview with WAFF that he was referencing future elections of 2022 and 2024. 


Two Alabama lawmakers may find themselves in the middle of an attempt to overthrow President-Elect Joe Biden’s victory on election day.

Newly sworn Alabama U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville said he’ll join an estimated dozen members of the upper chamber in challenging the Electoral College’s certification of Joe Biden as President. Observers say tomorrow’s vote in Congress is largely ceremonial and any attempt to overturn the outcome is doomed to failure. 


Alabama candidates in the race for Attorney General Jeff Sessions' former U.S. Senate seat spent the weekend in a flurry of last-minute campaign stops ahead of Tuesday's primary.  

Republican Senator Luther Strange, who currently holds the seat, said Saturday that President Donald Trump's endorsement was "critical" in the campaign's homestretch.

Strange faces a slate of Republican challengers, including former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, U.S. Representative Mo Brooks, state Senator Trip Pittman and Christian Coalition leader Randy Brinson.