Pet Relationships

Feb 9, 2019
edavid3001 [Flickr]

B.B. King's dog, Lucille, was a white Maltese.  This small breed is known to be affectionate, playful and intelligent.  But so are many other pets, whether purebred or not.  Just look for one that suits your personality and lifestyle!


grwepr [Flickr]

If you're single and looking for romance your best friend might just be of assistance in that area, both in meeting people and in helping to determine who may be a good match - for both of you!


Valentine Pets

Feb 14, 2015
DianaDesignsNY and the Gs [Flickr}

The bond that develops between human and pet has been the subject of study and even research.  It's real, on both sides, and most of us call it love because English does not have a different word to describe the special feelings we develop for our furry friends - and they for us!