Transmission Updates

March 18, 2021

Funding has been secured, we have contracted with a tower crew, and we have sent a purchase order. The transmission line is manufactured after receipt of order, and there is a substantial lead time for manufacturing and delivery. Once the tower crew team lead orders the line, we will have a better idea of a timeline. We will share that information here.

Other than a few other pieces of equipment that will monitor the line's air pressure, temperature, and overall integrity, we wait for the dlivery of the transmission line.

Remeber, you can listen by streaming our broadcast at Keep checking here for more updates. And, as always, we appreciate your patience and continued support of Alabama Public Radio.



January 31, 2021


Well, again, I have good news and other news. Good news-- the transmitter is fine, and so is the antenna. We narrowed it down to the transmission line. In order to confirm this diagnosis, we hired a tower crew to inspect the line; it had indeed failed. It needs to be replaced. I have included pictures to show a couple of the transmission line connection points along its length. 


The other news--it takes a while to make the transmission line, so we will be in our current configuration for a while. Engineering is working to get us back up to full power as soon as possible.




December 30, 2020

Our engineers received an alert that our full-power transmitter shut down. After trying to restore operation to the transmitter with no success, we put the backup transmitter on the air.

We have a good news/bad news situation by going to the backup. The good news is WUAL-FM is still on the air. The bad news is the backup is a low power transmitter. The map below shows the difference in coverage.

If you hear static on 91.5 FM, then you are likely outside of the green circle. We are troubleshooting the systems to find out why our transmitter shut down.