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Underwriting & Business Support

Why Become an Underwriter?

Its smart marketing! Public radio listeners have higher incomes, are better educated and are far more likely to be heads of households - the very people most business want to reach! And APR listeners really listen. They know who the underwriters are and support them.

Underwriting on Alabama Public Radio places your business or organization in a unique position by separating your name from the clutter inherent in commercial advertising. Furthermore, APR allows you the freedom to select the program that will most effectively target the segment of the market you wish to reach. When asked to name companies that support NPR, 51% of listeners recall at least one.

Alabama Public Radio's coverage area includes two thirds of the state of Alabama including Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Selma, Florence, Huntsville, western portions of the Birmingham area, Mobile and the Gulf Region. 

Please see our coverage map for more details.

Underwriting Facts You Need to Know:

  • 63% have a college degree or beyond
  • 76% have household incomes of $50,000
  • The median household income is $86,900
  • 57% are age 25-54
  • 88% of listeners say their opinion of a company is more positive when they find out the company supports public radio.
  • 75% state that when price and quality are equal, they prefer to buy from companies that support public radio.
  • 76% are more likely to be the president of a company, and more than twice as likely to work in top management

For more information on becoming an underwriter, please email or call 800-654-4262.

Current Underwriters

 If you are a listener that wants to support those who support us, then go to our list of underwriters here. These businesses keep your favorite programming on the air so show them your appreciation.