Alabama Coastal Clean Up Starts This Weekend

Sep 14, 2018

Alabama’s gulf coast is going to get a bit of a facelift this weekend with the help of some volunteers. A-P-R student reporter Jhala Clark has details…

This weekend is the annual Alabama Coastal Clean Up. It is being put on by PALs and the Alabama Department of Conservation. Volunteers will be removing trash from the coast by walking, boating and scuba diving in 31 different zones in Mobile and Baldwin Counties.

Angela Underwood is the state coordinator for the Alabama Coastal Cleanup. She says this project is just a fraction of a larger international cleanup effort.

“It is the largest volunteer event in the state of Alabama. Each year we have on average about 5 thousand volunteers who come out to clean up.”

Volunteers are encouraged to bring sunscreen, gloves, comfortable shoes and be prepared to outside for most of the day.

For APR News, I’m Jhala Clark