Alabama's COVID-19 caseload rises to 694 and 3 deaths, UAB takes part in Coronavirus drug trial

Mar 28, 2020

The State of Alabama is up to an updated 694 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, and three deaths linked to the illness. While the case load increases, the University of Alabama in Birmingham is looking for a few good COVID-19 patients. The school is taking part in a study that may lead to a treatment for Coronavirus. UAB is one of seventy five participants in a test of drug called Remdesivir. Dr. Paul Goepfert is leading the Birmingham research team. He says four hundred test subjects are being sought for a step by step process.

“The first study is to really just to see if it’s safe in humans. It’s not to test efficacy,” says Goepfert. “And then you have to do a trial in larger numbers of studies once it’s safe, to see if it results in the immune responses you want it to be done.”

The drug has reportedly been effective in treating COVID-19 in animals. UAB says subjects for the study need to have Coronavirus, be hospitalized, and be having respiratory difficulty.