Alabama House Representative Martha Roby


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Jeff Coleman and Barry Moore will meet in a runoff for the Republican nomination in the District 2 U.S. House race in southeast Alabama.

Moore claimed the second runoff spot Wednesday as returns showed him leading third-place finisher Jessica Taylor by fewer than 600 of the more than 104,000 votes that were cast Tuesday. Taylor issued a statement congratulating Moore on his strong finish.

The eventual winner will face Democrat Phyllis Harvey-Hall in November. The seat is currently held by Republican Rep. Martha Roby, who isn't seeking reelection.

Monday is the final day to register to vote in the July 17 primary runoffs. 

A number of Republican primaries, including contests for attorney general and lieutenant governor, will be decided in the runoff.

U.S. Representative Martha Roby faces former congressman Bobby Bright in the GOP runoff for the 2nd congressional district.

Attorney General Steve Marshall faces former Attorney General Troy King in the GOP runoff for attorney general.

Alabama is still buzzing over the news that Birmingham will be the host city for the 2021 World games. The first task in preparing to host the games will be to watch how Poland does it.

Wroclaw, Poland will be hosting the 2017 games and Alabama be taking notes on how that city handles it. Over four thousand athletes from one hundred countries usually take part.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has taken the first step toward removing the director of the Central Alabama VA Healthcare System following months of problems.

The VA's deputy secretary, Sloan Gibson, said Monday that he proposed the removal of James Talton following an investigation that substantiated allegations of neglect of duty.

Talton was placed on administrative leave in August after reports that hundreds of X-rays went unread, patients experienced long delays in getting appointments, and one employee took a patient to buy illegal drugs.

An Alabama congresswoman says she has complete mistrust of the health care system for veterans.

Rep. Martha Roby of Montgomery made the comment Thursday. That was one day after she met with top officials of the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System.

The interim director of the Central Alabama VA announced earlier this week that wait times for new patients had been cut by one-third. Roby says veterans are telling her that's incorrect. She said the veterans say they get appointments made within two weeks, but then they get canceled.

An Alabama congresswoman says a new report is the strongest evidence yet that patient scheduling manipulation was standard operating procedure at Veterans Affairs health care facilities in central Alabama.

The Department of Veterans Affairs released data to Congress showing 57 percent of the staff surveyed at Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System said they were instructed to change the dates of when a veteran asked for an appointment. That compares to nearly 13 percent nationally, 17 percent at the Tuscaloosa VA and 9 percent at the Birmingham VA.

An Alabama congresswoman is seeking extensive records from the Veterans Administration about the health care of veterans in central Alabama.

Republican Rep. Martha Roby of Montgomery said Wednesday that she wrote to the acting secretary of veterans affairs seeking records of the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System. Roby says she wants the records because of complaints she has received and because of government investigations that have revealed problems with long waits and medical records altered.

U.S. Rep. Martha Roby says the latest report on the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System is consistent with what she's been hearing about phony medical practices and the Veterans Administration inspectors not being aggressive about complaints.

An Alabama congresswoman says she was misled about steps being taken to correct the falsification of records at Veterans Administration health centers in central Alabama.

Republican Rep. Martha Roby announced over the weekend that the director of VA facilities in Montgomery and Tuskegee had told her some employees were terminated. She said she contacted Director James Talton on Tuesday and he told her there had been a misunderstanding about what he meant when he said the employees were "relieved of their duties." They were not terminated.

(Martin): For residents in Alabama's second congressional district, what are the issues they're going to be concerned with this election season?

(Taylor): Well I think clearly the issues that are most in the minds of people in the second district is true across the state is still the state of the economy and jobs, I think the themes that are important to the district are mostly generic ones like the basic state of the economy.

(Maggie): Now there’s also Fort Rocker which is in Dale County what will this US army post look for this election season?