Suspended Jefferson Co. DA's Trial Begins Today

Oct 17, 2017

Suspended Jefferson County District Attorney Charles Henderson

A trial is set to begin today for a Jefferson County prosecutor currently suspended amid accusations of perjury.

Charles Henderson is accused of giving false testimony in a divorce case from last year in which he served as guardian ad litem for the divorcing couple’s child, meaning he advocated for the child’s best interest rather than the interest of either parent.

The woman in the divorce case, Yareima Akl, worked on Henderson’s campaign for Jefferson County District Attorney before he got legally involved in the divorce. Akl and Henderson later married. The charge alleges Henderson lied under oath about whether he and Akl were romantically involved while Henderson was supposed to be representing the interests of her child in court.

The indictment came January 13 of this year, shortly after Henderson was elected Jefferson County District Attorney. Because of the perjury charge, he wasn’t allowed to assume the office of district attorney.

In a hearing yesterday, Akl said she will not testify against her husband. Prosecutors say the state may challenge the validity of the couple’s marriage.