Former Birmingham Mayor Langford in "Critical Condition"

Dec 26, 2018

Former Birmingham mayor Larry Langford

A former Birmingham mayor is reportedly in critical condition behind bars. Larry Langford's family has been called to a Kentucky federal prison where he's serving 15 years for bribery and public corruption.

An attorney for the 72-year-old former mayor says her client is in failing health. Langford was sentenced in 2010 and is not scheduled for release until May 1, 2023. reports Tiffany Johnson Cole, Langford's attorney, says she and his family were told he may not last through the week. His family thanked supporters and friends for their prayers "during this extremely difficult time."

While mayor of Birmingham, Langford was convicted of taking $235,000 worth of bribes.

In November, the Federal Bureau of Prisons denied Langford a compassionate release, saying despite his deteriorating health he "posed a danger to the safety of the community."