Halloween Costumes

Oct 24, 2015

Good pet costume - cute, clever, and the animal can see and breathe and move!
Credit istolethetv [Flickr]

People with pets love to share the Halloween fun with their furry friends, but some do not realize their pets may not enjoy it so much.  Keep your pet's comfort and safety in mind, especially on Halloween!


With Halloween coming up next week, you may be thinking about a costume – for your pet. If so, you won’t be alone. According to the Humane Society of the United States, half of all owners dress their pets in Halloween costumes.

Cute pictures of pets dressed as bananas, hot dogs, pirates, even a lion (complete with a long shaggy mane), have been posted on social media. PetPlace.com has a great list of suggestions for coordinating costumes for owner and pet, such as Little Bo Peep with her dog in a sheep outfit, or athletes from rival teams, even an angel and a devil - all you need is a halo, wings, horns and a tail. But - do you suppose the pets really LIKE those costumes?

Some animals tolerate costumes pretty well, while others do not. If you’re planning to dress your pet for the Halloween festivities, there are some things to consider for your furry friend’s comfort and safety.

Make sure the costume fits – not so loose that the animal can trip on it and not so tight that it will restrict movement or breathing. Speaking of restrictions, make sure your pet can see and hear, too. The costume shouldn’t bind, or be secured with things like rubber bands, which can cut off circulation and cause permanent damage. It shouldn’t have any small items dangling or that can be chewed off, possibly choking your pet.

It’s a good idea to try out the costume ahead of time, in case the animal becomes anxious or upset by it. If so, you may decide to go with something simple like a festive bandana. On Halloween there’s enough going on that could frighten a pet without its costume adding to the problem.

Keeping your pet on a short leash when you are outside is a must. And whatever else your pet might wear, don’t forget that ID tag, so others can help your buddy find its way home if you get separated.

There’s really no trick to it – with a little planning you can treat yourself and your best friend to a happy Halloween, when you’re speaking of pets.