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Mindy Norton

Host, Speaking of Pets

Mindy Norton has been “Speaking of Pets” on Alabama Public Radio since 1995. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, she has served on the boards of directors of four animal welfare organizations, serving as president of two of them. In 1979, Mindy won an Obelisk Award for her weekday “Pet Patrol” spot on Birmingham’s WBHM Pubic Radio. She joined APR in 1995 as a weekly commentator with “Speaking of Pets.” As a volunteer, Mindy feels she is so blessed to have a “soap box” with a microphone in front of it. “After all,” she says, “I get to talk about our best friends every week!” And she helps two of her favorite causes at the same time, animal welfare and Alabama Public Radio.

  • One way to keep your pet safe at Christmas is to choose your decorations carefully!
  • Surprisingly, much of our Thanksgiving fare is not safe for our furry friends!
  • Do you think about how much value your animal shelter adds to your community? This week is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, a great time to give that some thought!
  • There are a few tricks to keep your furry friend safe on Halloween!
  • Protecting your outdoor pet in Winter may take some extra effort on your part.
  • To a 14-year-old dog, being stuck in a storm drain that is only 18 inches in diameter can be a frightening and traumatic situation. Thankfully, a lot of people came together to help get her out!
  • It is so important for pet owners to make sure their furry friends stay safe, especially in a dangerous storm!
  • Phillip did a lot of things right to bring his precious buddy back home, including using both commercial media and social media. He will also be more careful in the future when he makes any stops for gas or food, to check his surroundings for suspicious activity before exposing himself or Little Dude to danger. Lesson learned, the hard way, but as Phillip says, never, never give up. Words to live by, when you’re speaking of pets. On a Sunday night in late August, Phillip Lewis was heading home and stopped in Dodge City, in Cullman County, to fill up his gas tank. Suddenly a woman was pointing a gun at him and demanding his car keys. Without thinking, he gave her the keys. Too late, as she drove off he realized that his beloved dog, Little Dude, was still in the car. The story of the car theft and the missing dog was told on television news, and especially on Facebook, where it was shared – a lot, including notice of a reward for information. A week went by, then another week – and no Little Dude. Phillip was lost without his best buddy because they did everything together. Finally at the end of the second week, Phillip got a call, an anonymous tip, with a photo and an address in the Fairfield area. The tipster said a neighbor came home with a new dog earlier that week, and it looked like the pictures she had seen on Facebook of Little Dude. Officers with the Cullman County Sheriff’s Department, working with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, began canvassing in the Fairfield neighborhood until they found Little Dude. The sheriff called Phillip and said, “I believe I have something you want.” Phillip was overjoyed to get his little dog back, unharmed, saying he was going to ply him with treats and snuggle in their chair to watch movies. He said, they will keep adventuring together but they are going to be much more cautious about it.__>^..^<__
  • The beginning of school can be especially stressful - even more so for the Uvalde, Texas, community, after the school shooting tragedy last May.
  • Iiken, a black Lab, is a Military Dog. Cole, a Pit Bull, is a Therapy Dog. They are two of the seven finalists for the 2022 American Humane Association's Hero Dog Award!