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List of Alabama Candidates for Major State, Federal Offices

By Associated Press

Montgomery AL – Candidates who qualified by Friday's deadline to run for major state and federal offices, with D designating Democrats, R designating Republicans and I designating incumbents:

U.S. Senate

I-Jeff Sessions (R)
Earl Mack Gavin (R)
Vivian Davis Figures (D)
Johnny Swanson III (D)
Mark "No NCAA" Townsend (D)

1st Congressional District
I-Jo Bonner (R)
Tommy Fuller (D)

2nd Congressional District
David Grimes (R)
Jay Love (R)
John W. Martin (R)
Craig D. Schmidtke (R)
Harri Anne Smith (R)
David Woods (R)
Bobby Bright (D)
Cendie Crawley (D)
Cheryl Sabel (D)

3rd Congressional District
I-Mike Rogers (R)
Joshua Segall (D)

4th Congressional District
I-Robert Aderholt (R)
Greg Warren (D)
Nicholas Sparks (D)

5th Congressional District
Mark Huff (R)
Ray McKee (R)
Wayne Parker (R)
George C. Barry (R)
Angelo "Doc" Mancuso (R)
Cheryl Baswell Guthrie (R)
Parker Griffith (D)
David Maker (D)

6th Congressional District
I-Spencer Bachus (R)

7th Congressional District
I-Artur Davis (D)

Alabama Supreme Court
Greg Shaw (R)
Deborah Bell Paseur (D)

Court of Criminal Appeals-Place 1
Peggy Givhan (R)
Beth Kellum (R)
Lucie McLemore (R)
Teresa Bearden Petelos (R)
Steve Dodd (D)
Clyde Jones (D)

Court of Criminal Appeals-Place 2
Mary Windom (R)
Duncan Crow (R)
Chris Mixon (R)
Jeff Duffie (D)
Jon Hayden (D)
Aimee Cobb Smith (D)

Court of Civil Appeals
I-Bill Thompson (R)
Kimberly Drake (D)

Public Service Commission President
Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh (R)
Matt Chancey (R)
Jack Hornady (R)
Lucy Baxley (D)

State Board of Education-Place 1
Paul H. Christopher (R)
I-Randy McKinney (R)
Kenyon T. Berry (D)

State Board of Education-Place 3
I-Stephanie Bell (R)
Skip Smith (R)
Judy West Bell (D)

State Board of Education-Place 5
Lula Bridges (R)
I-Ella B. Bell (D)

State Board of Education-Place 7
Gary Warren (R)
Brett Whitehead (R)
Earl Gardner (D)

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