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1985 hit song back in the charts thanks to the new season of 'Stranger Things'


Some of you may be pretty familiar with the start of this tune. But now, a totally different generation is getting into Kate Bush's 1985 hit "Running Up That Hill."


KATE BUSH: (Singing) You're running up that road. You're running up that hill.

CHANG: The song has unexpectedly risen to the top of the streaming charts thanks to a popular Netflix show.



That's right. "Stranger Things" is back for a new season. And just like in previous seasons, it is full of '80s nostalgia; everything from Kate Bush to Sony Walkmans to scenes at the local video store - truly Gen-X heaven.


KELLY: As we can relate, Ailsa.

CHANG: Totally.

KELLY: Ever since the Netflix hit returned last week, videos featuring "Running Up That Hill" have been all over TikTok and Twitter. For Ann Powers of NPR Music, Kate Bush was the perfect artist for the sci fi show to spotlight.

ANN POWERS, BYLINE: From the beginning of her career, she was inspired by gothic literature, by fantasy, indeed by science fiction. She always has been fascinated with the way people transform, sometimes magically, into animals and beasts and angels. And so her music makes complete sense when connected to a show like "Stranger Things."

CHANG: The song was originally released nearly 40 years ago on Bush's album "Hounds Of Love." The track was known for its classic '80s synth sound, but Ann Powers said Bush's talent is what makes it special.

POWERS: She is that fantasist. She is that dreamer that we need at a time when reality seems bleak. But we can go amazing places in our imagination.

KELLY: The first half of this season's "Stranger Things" is out now on Netflix. And for you non-Gen-Xers who don't already have it on cassette, "Running Up That Hill" can be streamed.

(SOUNDBITE OF KATE BUSH SONG, "RUNNING UP THAT HILL") Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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