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Be Our (Remote) Interns

<em>The Planet Money team on GoToMeeting with a goat (Listen to our recent episode, "<a href="">Making It Work</a>")</em>
Planet Money
The Planet Money team on GoToMeeting with a goat (Listen to our recent episode, "Making It Work")

Ever wonder if a podcast could go to space? Or ask why a $60,000 bag is always out of stock? Or want to learn the secrets of snack vendors at a baseball game?

Do you want to find connections between a huge IPO and a Greek new age keyboardist? Are you the kind of person who finds delight in a report from the Federal Reserve?

Are you a meticulous (and speedy) fact checker? Do you have ideas for improving our Twitter, Instagram and TikTok (yes) game?

We are looking for TWO interns this fall: One to work on Planet Money, and one to work on The Indicator from Planet Money. You will be working remotely, like all of us. But you'll be part of our daily meetings, regularly scheduled edits, and weekly happy hour.

This moment is unusual, we know. We consider it an opportunity.

We are especially interested in candidates who might not otherwise be able to move to NYC for an internship, or people who might not usually apply at all. We still expect you to be a fan of the show, be eager to learn journalism, podcasting and audio production though.

Apply by Monday, July 13 at 4:59pm ET.

Note: These are paid, 40-hour-a-week internships. The positions are only open to current students OR those who graduated after September 8, 2019. For more details: NPR Jobs.

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