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Childhood diseases symposium, bibilcal marriage rally, Indy Car racing

Supporters of "biblical marriage" are planning a rally in the southeast Alabama city of Dothan. The "I Support Biblical Marriage" rally is planned for this Sunday at the Dothan Civic Center.

 Chip Anderson is and organizer of the event. The Dothan Eagle reports Anderson believes government approval of same-sex marriage could bring judgment from God. He said the marriage rally came to fruition after weekly meetings with pastors from several area churches.

Same-sex marriage is on hold in Alabama for now.

U.S. District Judge Callie Granade ruled that Alabama's bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional. Some counties began issuing marriages licenses to same-sex couples, but others refused.

The Alabama Supreme Court then ordered probate judges across the state to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Alabama fans of Indy car racing can get a sneak peek at what may be the future of their sport. Honda held a preview of a new car design.

Imagine an Indy car racer covered with metal slats like a venetian blind. That’s what designers at Honda have in mind with the manufacturer aero kit for the Verizon Indy Car series.

The new design is being put through its paces with demonstration runs today at the Barber Motorsports Park near Birmingham. It’s the official debut of the new kit.

The parts are designed to fit onto existing Honda race cars to give the vehicles a more aerodynamic body.

The new kit is also considered a departure since the pieces were designed mostly through computer simulations before the metal was cut and tested.

Honda says the goal is to win more races with the ultimate test being the Indianapolis 500 and the IndyCar Series Championship.

Experts on rare childhood diseases will be meeting Birmingham today. UAB and Children’s of Alabama are hosting a symposium in diseases that hit two hundred thousand or fewer patients a year.

Those illnesses are considered rare.  The symposium will be in commemoration of last month’s Rare Disease Day to raise awareness for rare diseases.

Doctor Bruce Korf is the chairman of the Department of Genetics at UAB. He says part of their mission is public outreach...

“We have a mission in the Center for Genomic Medicine and also in our department to help to integrate genetics and genomics across the entire spectrum of medical practice diagnosis prevention and treatment. And aside from taking care of patients and conducting research which we do we believe that public and professional education is part of our mission.” (24.6 seconds)

The symposium was at Children’s Hospital in the Children’s Harbour building.

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