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Holiday Travel, Black Friday economic forecast...


The Thanksgiving travel season is here. And, many Alabamians will be hitting the road to visit family and friends. Triple A -Alabama says a big drop in gas prices will most likely impact travel conditions this weekend. Triple-A spokesman Clay Ingram says research shows that there is a point six percent increase in people traveling this year.

“Gas prices this year are much much lower than they were this time last year. Our state average right now is right at one ninety per gallon. That’s almost 80 cents a gallon less than we were this same day last year, so that’s a huge difference.”

Ingram says this drop is due to the decrease of crude oil prices. Alabamians are encouraged to make adequate time for travel and to get their cars checked before hitting the road this Thanksgiving.

The Jefferson County Health Department is warning Thanksgiving Day cooks and diners to be on guard. Hundreds of people get sick from what’s on the table during the holidays. The health department is issuing safety tips on preparing and handling food items. For example, turkey, chicken, and poultry should be cooked until its one hundred and sixty five degrees. Roasts, steaks, and chops should be one hundred and forty five degrees. And hot foods should be kept at one hundred and forty degrees. Health officials also say refrigerate leftovers quickly.

Alabama Shoppers are expected to be out in full force for this year’s Black Friday shopping . A-P-R Student reporter Taylor Swinney has more…

Retail stores are expecting big numbers again this year for the annual Black Friday shopping spree. The unofficial holiday typically calls for more jobs from retailers and according to the Communication Manager for the Alabama Retail Association Melissa Warnke, Alabama will see more people working this holiday season…

“During the months of November and December we are forecasting a net of about a thousand jobs that have been added to the state of Alabama for specifically the holiday shopping season of course it’s a busier time so their looking to add those extra employees.”

Warnke also says that by creating these jobs it will open up opportunities for Alabamians who are looking to get into the work force and possibly earn full time positions. For APR News…I’m Taylor Swinney.

This year’s Iron Bowl has prompted another friendly wager between the Mayors of Tuscaloosa and Auburn. Mayor Walter Maddox and Auburn Mayor Bill Ham Jr. have one hundred dollars riding on the outcome of the rivalry game between the Tide and the Tigers. If Alabama wins, Mayor Ham will make a one hundred dollars donation to the Tuscaloosa Pre-K Initiative. If Auburn comes out on top, Maddox will send his donation to Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lee County. Last year, Ham sent his cash to the Tuscaloosa Pre-K Initiative after Alabama’s victory. The eightieth Iron Bowl takes place this Saturday at Auburn’s Jordan-Hare stadium.

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