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Alabama Shakespeare Festival Enter for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Gun rights group reacts to Obama executive order, Christmas tree recycling

President Barack Obama’s executive order regarding gun control is not sitting well with some Alabamians.  Obama is using his powers as president to have more background checks for gun dealers so weapons might not fall in to the hands of criminals.

Eddie Fulmer is the president of Bama Carry, a gun rights group in Northport.  He says Obama bypassing congress with the executive order should be considered government overreach… 

“None of the things that he has proposed would have prevented any tragedies in recent memory.  All this will do is more burden a law-abiding gun owner who only seeks to be left alone and not burdened by excessive regulations and rules.”  

Obama insists that contrary to the claims of some GOP presidential candidates, he's not plotting to take away everyone's guns.

Charter schools are expected to open in Alabama in 2017.

Ed Richardson, chairman of the Alabama Public Charter School Commission, said Tuesday that the fall of 2017 is when the first charter school is expected to open in the state.

The commission worked on an application template for groups interested in starting charter schools. The template is expected to be approved within a few months.

Applicants will have to submit information about their financial management, operations plan and curriculum.

Charter schools are publicly funded schools that are free from the regulations put on other schools and may be run by private groups.

The Alabama Legislature last year approved GOP-backed legislation to allow charter schools in the state for the first time.

Well, Christmas is over for another year. And, if you’re wondering what to do with your holiday tree, the communities of Tuscaloosa and Prattville has something in mind for their residents.

For the sixth year in a row, Prattville is offering its free Christmas tree recycling program all this week. Residents can leave their trees at the city recycling center on Ridgewood Road until Saturday.

Prattville spokeswoman Teresa Lee says city workers take it from there…

“They take, they just collect them all. And then, after—we do it for a two week period from the day after Christmas, and this year, it’ll be to the ninth of January. And then, somewhere around the tenth or eleventh, they’ll run them all through the wood chipper and make mulch out of it.”

If hauling your tree to the recycling is too much of a hassle. Lee says just leave at the curb of your house. Residents of Tuscaloosa can take their trees to the Curry Environmental Services Facility on Kauloosa** Avenue until Sunday. Be sure to take off all the lights, ornaments, and tinsel. 

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