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Carson joins field of candidates to visit Alabama, SEC Primary preview

The list of Presidential candidates coming to Alabama keeps growing.

The Alabama Secretary of State’s office says Republican Doctor Ben Carson will be making a stop at Auburn University-Montgomery on Monday.  The time of the event has not been confirmed yet.

Carson is the fourth candidate for the White House to come to Alabama in the next few days.  Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton will be in Birmingham on Saturday.  Republican candidate Marco Rubio will also be in the magic city.

Republican front runner Donald Trump will stump in Madison on Sunday.

With the candidates coming back to Alabama, all eyes are on Super Tuesday as the S-E-C primary approaches. The majority of the G-O-P field will be in the state this weekend.

Terry Lathan is the Chairwoman of the Alabama Republican Party. She says these visits show how significant the state is for the upcoming SEC Primary.

“We still have presidential candidates stepping into our state two or three days before our SEC primary. It’s a clear signal to the voters and the Republican Party that they want our attention. It’s not an accident; and it’s a lot of trouble for them to travel here.”

While Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton is speaking in Birmingham on Saturday, her husband, President Bill Clinton will also be in Alabama.  He is speaking in Montgomery tomorrow.

Alabama’s fifth-annual Severe Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday kicks off today.

The holiday will conclude Sunday at midnight to give shoppers plenty of time to stock up on severe weather materials.

Amanda Collier is a Public Information Specialist at Alabama Department of Revenue. She says being prepared is important this weekend can help Alabamians...

“It’s pretty much a gift shopper’s opportunity to purchase certain severe weather preparedness items, free of state sales tax, and a local sales tax may still apply.”

Severe weather items that will be sold during the holiday consist of: Ice packs, batteries, duct tape and flashlights among others.  The event allows people to load up on materials to prepare for future severe weather in their county.

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