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Rebekah Mason announces resignation from Governor's office, Craft beer bill


A top political aide to Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley is stepping down. Rebekah Mason’s departure follows an admission by Bentley that he made inappropriate remarks. The governor denies the two ever had an affair.

Mason announced her resignation in a statement sent by the governor's office. She says she would no longer be his senior political adviser and would no longer be paid by his campaign fund.

The resignation comes after Republican lawmaker Ed Henry said he will carry articles of impeachment for the removal of the Governor from office.

Democratic Representative Craig Ford is the house minority leader. He applauds Henry’s decision to try and remove Bentley from office…

“We were kind of sitting back and waiting to see if they would do it since it was a Republican Governor.   We’ll let Representative Henry take the lead and we’ll work with him if he needs any help.  If he fails to get it accomplished and gets pressure from within his own party because I hear some Republicans are giving him some pressure, we’ll come forward with our own (Articles of Impeachment).”

Bentley has said he has no intention of stepping down as Governor.

Transportation Security Administration officials say a loaded firearm has been found at the checkpoint at an airport in Alabama. TSA regional spokesman Mark Howell told local news media Wednesday that officials discovered a loaded Ruger .22 caliber handgun in a passenger's carry-on bag at Huntsville International Airport on Tuesday afternoon. Howell says this is the fourth firearm TSA officers have found at airport's checkpoint this year.

Starting this summer, Alabama’s craft beer customers will be able to place their orders to go.

Governor Robert Bentley signed a bill into law last week that will allow small breweries in Alabama to sell their beer directly to customers for off-site consumption. Starting in June, the craft beer makers can let patrons fill up and take home growlers, or sell up to a case of canned or bottled beer.

Bo Hicks is an owner and the head brewer at Druid City Brewing Company in Tuscaloosa. He says the new law will make it that much easier to turn prospective customers into fans.

“This allows us to have somebody that can come get a growler, see that they like it… They can come here, let us talk about it, let us tell what makes it different, what makes it unique, and then go out to any of the retail stores in the whole state and purchase our beer once they know that they like it.”

A report from Jacksonville State University estimates the change will create over 650 new jobs and over $100 million in revenue within five years. The law will go into effect June 1.

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