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Trump garners record vote count in Alabama


History was made last week in Alabama as more than 1.3 million votes were cast in the state for President-Elect Donald Trump.  That is the highest amount any candidate for President has ever received in Alabama, according to Secretary of State John Merrill.

Merrill attributes some of the high vote count for Trump to a surge in late registrations, after more than half a million people signed up to vote within the last year…

“Our registrars worked endless hours in making sure that all of those people were on the voter rolls and eligible to participate.  People were motivated and wanted him to know they supported him in Alabama and that’s the reason why that they voted for him in record numbers.”

More than two million Alabamians cast ballots in last Tuesday’s election, putting voter turnout at just under 64 percent.  However that number fell short of the expected record-breaking turnout.