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Steelmaking plant to open in Mobile



The AM/NS steelmaking plant in Calvert broke ground for a new expanded facility earlier this week. 

The $775 million project will allow for carbon steel slabs to be manufactured at the plant. Slabs were previously imported from Brazil and fabricated on site. 

David Rodgers is the VP of Economic Development for the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce. He said the facility will be a significant investment in an already state-of-the-art steel mill. 

“Mobile is going to be looked at as the start of many of these supply chains—appliance manufacturing, pipe manufacturing. The main products that they’re using are created right here in Mobile," he said. "That’s a big thing for Mobile and helps put us on a global map, when we have a global company like AM/NS that is able to really help start their supply chain right here in our community.” 

He said the project is a major step in reinforcing the ties between the corporation and surrounding community. 

“What this project means for AM/NS and Mobile—it’s reinvestment. They are reinvesting again into the state-of-the-art mill for us, that they’ll be here, and are really cementing their flag as we’re their flagship plant for North America, " he said.

Rodgers also said constructing the new facility will create between 200 and 300 jobs. AM/NS Calvert is a joint project between ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel. The plant produces steel that is used in automotive manufacturing, appliances and piping. 

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