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Former Alabama House Speaker apologizes for ethics violations, asks for freedom

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Republican Mike Hubbard is apologizing for ethics violations his defense team once called above board. The former State House Speaker says his crimes hurt the state and his family. His admission comes as his attorney filed a request for early release after serving one year of a twenty eight month sentence. Hubbard’s team argues his sentence of over two years behind bars is out of line with punishments handed down to other officials. A jury in 2016 convicted Hubbard of violating the state ethics law, including using his public office for personal financial gain.

Hubbard went to prison after the Alabama Supreme Court refused to reconsider its decision upholding Hubbard’s 2016 ethics conviction. Justices turned down Hubbard’s request to rehear his case. The State’s high court did overturn five of the counts in Hubbard’s ethics convictions while upholding six others.

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