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Carnival Spirit cruise ship sailing to Mobile to offer tourist new vacations out of city’s port


Carnival Cruise Lines is sending its Carnival Spirit cruise ship to Mobile, offering six-to-nine day vacations to destinations such as the Caribbean and the Bahamas starting on October sixth. This comes after a nine month absence of cruise ships in the city’s ports.

The Carnival Spirit is the largest cruise ship to sail out of Mobile. It will hold over 2,100 passengers and offer the longest cruise durations of any ship that has docked in the city.

With the arrival of the Carnival Spirit, Mobile is ready to welcome a large wave of tourist. The cruise ship will also bring even larger revenue for the city. Mayor of Mobile, Sandy Stimpson, estimated that the cruise ship will bring in an approximate $3 million a year.

“We expect to have an outstanding turnout of people who are excited about cruising in Mobile again. And it would definitely have an economic impact. Probably … another $3 million a year,” said Mayor Stimpson.

Before the ship comes to Mobile in early October, the Carnival Spirit will be sailing from one of its home ports in Seattle, Washington. The Carnival Spirit will be making trips out of Mobile until April and will return to Seattle for the summer season.

Mayor Stimson said that the city is looking for another cruise to operate out of the terminal during the Carnival Spirit’s absence in the summer.

“So we're always looking for ways to weigh another cruise line or possibly carnival, putting another ship in here during that six month gap. And so that's just the process. And we'll eventually one day we will find somebody to fill that gap,” said Mayor Stimpson.

The city of Mobile has a variety of entertainment for tourist who are looking to stay in the city before and after their cruise. Mayor Stimpson said that he is eager to see the tourist make their way into the city.

“There's the excitement [of] having all the tourists come in and they're excited about getting on the ship and going on vacation. And as they walk through an entertainment district, that excitement is infectious [it] just rubs off on people, so it's just an exciting time for us,” said Mayor Stimson.

To see more about the Carnival Spirit in Mobile and to view the ships sailings, visit the Carnival Cruise Lines website.

Hannah Holcombe is a student intern at the Alabama Public Radio newsroom. She is a Sophomore at the University of Alabama and is studying news media. She has a love for plants, dogs and writing. She hopes to pursue a career as a reporter.
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