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Montgomery Zoo to host family fun fight and flashlight scavenger hunt


The Montgomery Zoo is hosting a Mann Museum Flashlight Tour and Family Fun Night where kid’s age’s five to twelve can explore the halls of the zoo’s museum after the zoo has closed.

The Mann Museum is a displayed collection of animals that were hunted with bow and arrow by George Mann. Visitors can learn about the animals and feel their furs. The Mann Museum Flashlight Tour and Family Fun Night event is Friday, Feb. 23.

Bailey Glasgow, the marketing and public relations manager at the Montgomery Zoo, said the museum offers hands-on education about local animals as well as animals from all over the continent.

“It's just a way to learn more about animals from the North America realm. It's just another activity here at the zoo that you can enjoy to learn more about animals,” she explained.

For the upcoming flashlight and family fun night, zoo employees have been busy complaining a list of things for kids to find in the museum for a scavenger hunt. Glasgow explained the use of flashlights is encouraged because the lights will be off.

“We turn the lights out at the main museum, and we encourage everybody to bring flashlights. We have flashlights provided as well. You'll get to go in and experience the museum with all of those animals,” said Glasgow.

Kids who are roaming through the darkened halls of the museum can encounter both ferocious bears and small, cute mammals, both prizes of Mann’s hunts.

“We have 10-foot-tall polar bears, and we have tiny little raccoons that look so adorable,” said Glasgow.

Additional to the scavenger hunt, kids can make crafts and see live animal presentations and everyone goes home with a goody bag.

Glasgow said she believes this event will be exciting and something different to experience at the zoo.

“I think it's kind of an afterhours thing, so it gives it a little twist, a little bit of mystery to it,” she said. “And then, on top of that, it's in the dark. So, it’s a fun and different way to experiences in the zoo in a way that you normally [wouldn’t] get.”

The Mann Museum Flashlight Tour and Family Fun Night event is Friday, Feb. 23 from 5:30 p.m. through 8:30 p.m.

The event is by reservation only. For more information, click here.


Hannah Holcombe is a student intern at the Alabama Public Radio newsroom. She is a Sophomore at the University of Alabama and is studying news media. She has a love for plants, dogs and writing. She hopes to pursue a career as a reporter.
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