2017 a Record Year for Alabama Exports

Feb 20, 2018

Port of Mobile

Alabama officials say the state exported a record $21.7 billion in automobiles, chemicals and other goods last year.

The Tuscaloosa News reports the combined value of state goods and services shipped overseas last year jumped more than 6 percent over 2016. Alabama’s Department of Commerce says exports have increased by more than half over the last decade.

Alabama’s top export category is transportation equipment, valued at nearly $11 billion last year. The bulk of that is all the automobiles built in the state, but it also includes auto parts as well as components for planes and spacecraft.

Alabama-produced chemicals accounted for $2.3 billion in last year’s exports, followed by primary metals like iron, steel and aluminum at just under $2 billion.

Alabama exported goods and services to 189 countries last year. Its biggest foreign customer was Canada, which purchased $4.14 billion in state exports.