Alabama Accountability Act, Cancer Specialists Call for Medicaid Expansion and Orion

Dec 3, 2014

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The Alabama Supreme Court has heard arguments on the constitutionality of a law that gives low-income families tax credits to pay for private school.

A lawyer representing individuals challenging the Alabama Accountability Act said Wednesday that it does an end run on Alabama's prohibition of using education funds to support private religious schools.

However, a lawyer representing families using the credits said it supports parents seeking education opportunities for their children, not private schools.

A coalition of cancer specialists is the latest group calling for Medicaid reform in Alabama. APR student reporter Elayne Smith has more…

The American Society for Clinical Oncology is worried about the two hundred thousand Alabamians who don’t have health care coverage. The group is calling on Governor Robert Bentley to expand Medicaid in Alabama. They’re also challenging Washington to reform the Medicaid system to make it more cost effective. Society spokesman Dr. Blaze Polite teaches medicine at the University of Chicago. He says people without insurance can’t get the care they need early on to avoid the spread of cancer…

When patients do not have health care,  they are more likely to present with more advanced cancers. So they are more likely to have cancers that spread further and are therefore less likely to be cured.”

The Centers for Disease Control says Alabama’s overall cancer death rate is two hundred per one hundred thousand residents, among the highest in the nation. For APR news, I’m Elayne Smith in Tuscaloosa.

The Marshall Space Center in Huntsville is about to watch of key piece of its hardware fly into space. NASA is getting ready for tomorrow’s test launch of an unmanned version of its new Orion space capsule. Engineers in Huntsville built a connecting ring that attaches the capsule to its Delta Four booster rocket. APR spoke with design manager Johnathan Walden last year and he explained what the adapter does.

And what the adapter does, it attaches the Orion crew vehicle to the top of the Delta-IV Heavy upper stage. And then, it transitions to the Delta-IV upper stage, so it goes from larger diameter to a smaller diameter and that’s the purpose of the adapter.”

Marshall is inviting social media and users and the general public to a launch viewing opportunity for the capsule as it blasts off from Florida.