Alabama Gulf coast gears up to deal with the Coronavirus

Mar 20, 2020

Alabama's caseload of Coronavirus now stands at 78. Governor Kay Ivey’s action to close Alabama beaches follows similar action by the City of Gulf Shores. The State’s biggest beachside community ordered its beaches closed yesterday to hold off the spread of the Coronavirus. The move by Gulf Shores to close its beaches was quickly followed by Orange Beach and Dauphin Island. The Baldwin County Commission voted to also close county access.

“What we’re doing here as elected officials is what’s best for the public. What’s best for Baldwin County and what we’re elected to do,” says Baldwin County Commissioner Jeb Ball. “Sometimes the decision that we make may not be the popular decisions but I think in this case, the unforeseen is what’s different about this and what could happen.”

The State action came after crowds of college kids crowded Alabama beaches for Spring Break. Seventy percent of beachside hotel beds were filled and that alarmed local officials looking to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

“As everyone has said, this is unprecedented, yes, we have been in emergency situations before, but nothing like this, this is different,” says Baldwin County Commission Chairwoman Billie Jo Underwood.

“I believe out of an abundance of caution, I truly hope that we’re overreacting. I just don’t want to underreact.”