Alabama Historical Association Meeting in Auburn

Apr 21, 2017

Alabama is getting the chance to celebrate its state history in Auburn this weekend.

The Alabama Historical Association is holding its 70th annual meeting at Auburn University this weekend. The meeting is open to anyone who shares an interest in Alabama’s history from its founding and through modern times. It will feature papers on Alabama history and tours of historic houses and sites around Auburn University. The meeting will also feature two keynote speakers, whose speeches will be themed around Alabama’s upcoming Bicentennial and the state’s history during World War One.

Maiben Beard is the Membership Secretary for the Alabama Historical Association. She says annual meetings like this one provide an opportunity to share Alabama’s history with the rest of the nation.

“It’s really trying to get the people of Alabama involved, and it’s looking back at our past, but also looking towards our future. Alabama has such a deep, rich, interesting history, and we really want to share it with the country, not just here in Alabama.”

The 70th Alabama Historical Association meeting is being held today and tomorrow at the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center.