Alabama issues 400-Plus conduct referrals for COVID violations

Sep 9, 2020


Credit Pixabay

The University of Alabama has issued more than 400 conduct referrals for coronavirus violations.

Nearly 2,000 students have tested positive since classes began on Aug. 19.

Only 21 UA employees have tested positive since classed began, according to the UA System COVID-19 Dashboard.

UA President Stuart Bell sent an email to students last week that said student misconduct will not be tolerated.

“Those who blatantly disregard the rules will not be given the option of jeopardizing the semester for everyone else.”

According to Bell, measures have been taken to remove violators from campus in several circumstances.

UA is also taking measures to quarantine students who live on campus. According to the COVID-19 Dashboard, quarantine spaces are at 36.09% occupancy.

For COVID testing information, visit UA’s Student Covid Testing website.