Alabama Rock Band Appears on National TV

Tuscaloosa – The Drive By Truckers has deep roots in north Alabama. Four of the five members are from Center Star, Tuscumbia, and Florence. Those roots have given new life to the Southern rock genre.
The Drive By Truckers' second major album "Decoration Day" is receiving positive reviews from the critics. The record tells stories about hard hitting topics, like this one about losing the family farm, titled "Sinkhole". It's sung by guitarist Patterson Hood
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Patterson says the band is excited about the record, and the good reviews it's been getting. But he says the band's strength is best seen live.
"Most of what we do involves going out and playing live anyway. We're not exactly a Top 40 radio band and I don't for see any of us on MTV anytime soon ... although we're going to make one hell of a video! But probably not one that they'd ever show." says Patterson.
The band style is rough, like scuffed boots kicking in the dirt ... a style that is genuine and holds far reaching appeal. Guitarist Jason Isbell says their songwriting is closely tied to their Southern upbringing. But he says the stories are something everyone can relate too. A song titled "Outfit", was written by Isbell about some fatherly advice.
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"Well, it's kind of a folk music, you know. Well, maybe not folk music, but it comes from stories and it seems to translate real well. Everybody's story is basically the same. It doesn't really matter where they're from." says Isbell. The Drive By Truckers tour relentlessly, and have played more than 700 shows worldwide. They are currently on a tour that has includes Canada, the Southwest and West Coast ... and a national television appearance tonight in New York City. The Drive By Truckers will appear live tonight on the Late, Late Show with Craig Kilborne. The show begins at 11:35 Central time on CBS. (story aired 8-18-03)