Ambrosia Starling Weighs In On Moore Trial

Sep 28, 2016

Ambrosia Starling leads a rally for marriage equality outside the Alabama Judicial Building, Montgomery, Ala.
Credit Alex AuBuchon / APR

Both sides have rested their cases and are confident in their arguments. Now the fate of suspended Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore rests with the Alabama Court of the Judiciary.

Roy Moore was fighting for his job yesterday. He’s facing ethics charges dating back to the same-sex marriage controversy that could result in his removal from office. But his support in the courtroom was obvious, with so many cheers that state troopers threatened to clear the gallery.

One of the most vocal figures outside the courtroom was perennial thorn in Roy Moore’s side, Ambrosia Starling. She says if the Court of the Judiciary rules in favor of Moore, the next step is obvious.

“I know the due process of law and I’m a drag queen. You know, if you don’t seek satisfaction on the state level, you go federal. And I’m quite sure that from Washington D.C., they’re looking down and they’re watching to see whether or not we can stand up and act like adults and handle our business properly and respectfully, or whether it’s time for them to step in.”

Chief Judge Michael Joiner says the Alabama Court of the Judiciary will rule no later than October 8.