Arctic weather postpones some COVID-19 vaccinations in Alabama

Feb 17, 2021

Alabama’s arctic blast this week did more than just make roads icy and dangerous. A number of north Alabama hospitals are cancelling or rescheduling COVID-19 vaccinations due to the snowy weather. Cullman Regional Medical Center says people getting their second dose can come in today. Highlands Medical Clinic is pushing this week’s shots to Thursday and Friday. Dr. Jane Weida is with University Medical Center in Tuscaloosa. She says once everyone is fully vaccinated, boosters may be needed to handle variant strains.

“From what we see, the Moderna vaccine seems to be needed for variants that are rearing their ugly heads, but we don’t have any idea what’s going to happen,” she said. “The same as we have to change the flu every year, we’re hoping we don’t have to change the COVID shot.”

Dr. Weida says the rules the stay the same whenever you get a shot. That includes no flu vaccinations within two weeks of your COVID shot.

“Well, there are no hazards as far as we know. But, we know that we want you to get your immune response as good as we can for the COVID immunization. I need you to have no vaccines two weeks before or two weeks both of those vaccines.”

Check with your hospital, clinic, or healthcare provider to see how your scheduled COVID-19 vaccination appointment may be impacted.