Authorities Find Old Money

Fairfield, AL – Jefferson County deputies have found the decaying remains of one-point-seven million dollars. They found the money in a marsh off Valley Road near U-S Steel in Fairfield. Deputies believe the money was stolen from an armored Wells Fargo car nearly eight years ago. The heist occurred in December 1995. Authorities recovered 200-thousand dollars of it a year later from homes in Midfield and Brighton. Deputies say they received a tip about the money late Sunday night. Jefferson County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Randy Christian says the money was in two canvas duffel bags and several plastic trash bags. Authorities found it about 30 to 40 feet off the roadside. It was buried about six inches below ground. Christian says the money has deteriorated so much it's worthless. There have been no new arrests associated with the case, but it is now under a new investigation.