Bentley, Impeachment Committee Fight Over Documents

Oct 12, 2016

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley
Credit Wikimedia

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley is fighting back as the legislative committee trying to impeach him is attempting to subpoena lots of documents from the governor’s administration.

On Monday, Bentley’s lawyer Ross Garber filed an objection with the House Judiciary Committee to subpoenas they had issued for various documents. Garber says the legislative committee does not have subpoena power and is seeking a large amount of documents that “go far beyond any legitimate inquiry”.

But Garber did write a letter to the committee’s lawyer Jack Sharman saying the governor’s office is willing to cooperate to some extent. He says Bentley’s office has turned over at least 10,000 pages of documents to the committee. Those documents provide details of the firing of Spencer Collier, former head of law enforcement for Bentley's administration.

The House Judiciary Committee is currently looking into whether Governor Bentley committed any impeachable offenses during his alleged affair with former political adviser Rebekah Caldwell Mason. Bentley has admitted to having inappropriate conversations with Mason, but denies an affair.