Bevill State students return to campus

Jan 25, 2021


Credit Twitter

Cooped up college students are getting some relief for their cabin fever.

Bevill State Community College returns to in-person classes today after closing its doors for the month. The college made the decision to close and reopen based on available COVID numbers and guidelines.

Tana Collins is the Director of Public Relations for Bevill State. She said the community college has to consider many factors in its decision making. 

“Primarily, it was from looking at the COVID-19 health data for our service area. You know, we have five locations and have basically a seven county service area so we have a lot of ground to cover to review that data,” she said.  

Collins also emphasized that Bevill State will continue to update its policies based on available information.  

“We are daily reviewing the number of cases we’re having reported among both employees and students, continuing to look at that health data for our service area, that seven county service area,” she said. 

Bevill State operates in Fayette, Jasper, Hamilton, Summiton and Carrollton. All of its campuses are set to reopen today.