Democratic U.S. House Candidate Says Russian Hackers Tried to Breach Website

Aug 7, 2018

Tabitha Isner

Tabitha Isner, the Democratic candidate in Alabama's 2nd Congressional District, says Russian hackers made more than a thousand attempts to break into her campaign website last month.

Isner says there were 1,400 attempts to break into the website. Most came from accounts with Russian internet service providers.

Isner says she has no idea why her campaign was targeted. She says the hackers were attempting to log in manually to the site.

Isner is a minister and business and policy analyst. She is challenging Republican Rep. Martha Roby, a four-term incumbent, in the midterm elections.

The attempts were discovered after her web hosting company reported a sudden surge of traffic to the campaign website.

Her campaign reported the activity to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.