Feds: 11 years should punish Ala. casino bribery

Jul 9, 2012

Federal prosecutors are recommending that Country Crossing casino developer Ronnie Gilley spend nearly 11 years in prison for offering millions of dollars in bribes to Alabama legislators.

They're also suggesting that Gilley's lobbyist, Jarrod Massey, spend slightly more than 11 years behind bars for his role in the case.

Prosecutors filed their recommendations Monday with U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson. He's scheduled to sentence the two July 16, along with former state Rep. Terry Spicer of Elba.

The prosecution's recommendations for Gilley and Massey are less than called for by federal sentencing guidelines. Prosecutors say they deserve shorter sentences for pleading guilty and helping provide evidence against others.

Prosecutors recommended a sentence of four years and nine months to five years and 11 months for Spicer, who also pleaded guilty.

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