Gov. Bentley Exhausts Campaign Funds on Legal Fees

Feb 1, 2017

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley

Embattled Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has been forced to empty his leftover campaign funds to pay legal bills as he fights an impeachment push and fallout from a scandal.

Bentley filed his campaign finance report yesterday. The report shows the governor's campaign paid more than $320,000 in legal bills last year.

Bentley faced an effort from several state lawmakers to impeach him as well as a formal ethics complaint after he was accused of having an affair with his former political adviser. The governor has acknowledged personal mistakes, but maintains he did nothing legally wrong.

The legal expenses consumed almost all of Gov. Bentley's remaining campaign funds. The governor, who by law cannot seek re-election to the governorship, reported loaning his campaign $50,000. That enabled him to end the year with a $25,000 balance.