Human Trafficking Subject of Performace This Weekend

Mar 2, 2018

The Alabama School of Fine Arts will present its production of Innocent Flesh Friday and Saturday. The play centers on victims of human trafficking. 

The Alabama School of Fine Arts

The production stars five high school students. They are only a few years older than the characters they play.

Susan McCain is directing the play. She says Alabama’s interstate 20 is considered the superhighway of human trafficking and she hopes this show raises awareness.

“Every day we probably see victims. Like you can go to an airport, you see them. You can go to, oh goodness, super bowls and bowl games, those are real breeding grounds for where the traffickers make a lot of money from their victims.”

McCain also says she and the cast have learned a lot while rehearsing the show. The young actors relate to their characters despite differing circumstances.

“We’ve learned that it’s important to be courageous enough to tackle the hard issues in order to get to a better place. And sometimes you have to do it. You can’t just go straight to a better place or find the light without first tackling those hard or dark issues.”

Innocent Flesh opens Friday at 7 with a discussion on human-trafficking following the performance. There will be two more performances Saturday at 2 and 7. All performances will be held at the black box theater at the Alabama School of Fine Arts.